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Originally Posted by Kos-Mos View Post
Yah, but I can suppress my AEG so much that you might just forget I am beside you...
From experience, having a SR is not a good choice for starters.

I used to have a 1200$ Maruzen L96... Damn it shot true and straight... but I would have had a LOT more fun at the games I played with it if I had even a cheap AEG...
so you CAN make it quieter, please tell?
if I can increase the range on my AEG and muffle it . . .

basically what I am hearing is sniping is best if you are experienced, anti-new, skilled at it(exceptionally so) you have a slite bit more range and accuracy
and the quietness is about the same?
so the advantages are small? and you have to be SKILLEd to make use of said advantages?

do any fields allow you to rock an AEG and a SR?
Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
People will run and attend games that suit their taste. People will make investment in airsoft in a similar manner.
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