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The Thundermaul, its



An ok gun, I guess. I bought it for the neatness factor, because I love how it looks. I've brought it out to games before, but only as a backup in case my main rifles battery died, which they never did thankfully. Never used it other then plinking around my house.

The gearbox that it comes with is SHIT, so be wary of that. Very slow ROF, and if you want to fire on repetition then it will jam up half the time, making you switch to auto to un-jam it, then it'll just jam again anyways.

No idea what it's FPS is, I haven't bothered putting it through a chrono.

But for $300, what do you expect?

If I actually ripped it all apart, installed a new gearbox and motor, better inner barrel it would probably make a very nice CQB rifle with a very unique look.

But other then that

Its just a wall hanger. A nice piece to have in your collection for people to see and say "That looks neat."

But thats about.

The silencer that came with mine is pretty badass though, probably going to be using it on my new rifle build.

My two cents anyways.
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