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Originally Posted by Danke View Post
Here's my current idea. Get in but don't get in too deep. Hit up a few games first to see what you like in person.

Right now there is a tidal wave of GBB rifles coming, they run CO2 mags so our weather won't slow them down. They won't be cheap, or easy to get but they could be the next big thing.
The good thing about GGBR is that you can actually have some real fun plinking more than the AEGS. Honestly GBBR right now aint good for skirmish.
WA Series (G&P, AGM, Inokatsu, and WA) are
**The most realistic
**There's more parts available than P90, AUG, G3, FAL, in the AEGs
**More accurate than the WE M4 (according to some people in this forum and many in
**More expensive mags
**generally more expensive to get it working. (I dunp about 2k into mine and its still not game ready in my opinion, only 5 mags, each 42 rounders)

WE Series (Just WE for now) are
**Cheaper than WA series (both the airsoft rifle and the magazine)
**CO2 Mags are available meaning it will work in the winter
**It is easier/ cheaper to get it going as the rifle is ready to go, (WA has wayy to hot FPS to start)
**Less accurate, (see WA accuracy)
**Less realistic, and less recoil due to the old Escort design using a brass carrier
**More prone to parts breakage, (excluding AGM, since theyre clones without license)

Honestly to get the rifle it self going for a AGM I would say at least $700, whereas the WE is $1100. However, if you factor in the mags its a big difference, WE 30 rounders are $35 for CO2 where as 50 rounder bomber (AGM sucks) is $60
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