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Originally Posted by haakon45 View Post
Echo-1 I think is a pretty swell brand, I have an Echo-1 P90 and its pretty torqui, I also have a CA M4 and TM Ak-47 and I have been preferring to use the p90 more and more. its an awesome entry weapon into airsoft. yeah dont spend your hard earned moolah on crosman. I dont know about what the others on here will say about Echo-1 but I think its a great brand.
Agreed. The Echo1 P90 is awesome. I don't know about there other guns, but the P90 is win. I love mine.

It's strange it's not suggested more as an entry weapon. It's small, light, cheap (the E90 one), and the V6 mechbox is both reliable and easy as hell to work on. No real downsides other than the size of the mags (same problem with a G36 or UMP though).

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