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This is actually a little disconcerting. I'm still waiting on AV but I've been hunting around for gear already. I know I wont be buying weapons out of the country (I've read other horror stories of people trying to smuggle them across the border... no thanks). But I've got a lump sum saved up to buy all my "starter" gear in one go.. having to wait for some would suck pretty hard.

Is this sort of thing a frequent occourance when ordering from outside of Canada? Is it limited JUST to orders coming out of hong kong (from what I can see, thats where most of the complaints were coming from)?

This may be on another thread that I just havent come across yet, but would legitimately coming across the border with accessories and claiming them cause you alot of hassel? Has anyone even tried that to know how difficult it is?

Sorry to barrage you with questions, but this thread has caught my attention.
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