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Originally Posted by Jburough View Post
on it XD

Parklands is a manufacturer of crappy copy BDUs. They hail out of Pakistan, use heavy but cheap material, often use the US military style of BDU (so you'd find CADPAT in a US style pattern, not a copy of the issue CADPAT..........incidentally, Parklands was given a 'Cease and Desist' legal order from DND about 5 years ago for trying to copy the patented CADPAT pattern.........didn't seem to stop them though, since they are in Pakistan).

The real reason for avoiding Parklands BDUs is quality. For starters, they use white material, then some printing process that applies the camo pattern on surface of the material (this alone is the way to ID Parklands in a store, they are white on the inside). The colour and pattern are off (the MARPAT isn't too bad) but the BDUs fade pretty quickly and end up being a whitish camo pattern. I wouldn't mind a set of Parkland BDUs though, like CADPAT, do what should be done with it, shred it into strips and use it to make a winter ghillie, white on one side and CADPAT on the other side of the strips. LOL
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