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Stripping paint from a gun

So... I've got in my hands a gun that was originally clearsoft but painted over. I don't like the paint job and would like to redo it. Is there a safe way to strip the paint off a clearsoft gun that's been painted?

I'm thinking a disassembly and dunking it in some solution or another (paint thinner possibly? rubbing alcohol? or I've heard brake fluid tossed around? anyone have any comments on that?).

The gun in question is an EBB so I don't know how safe it is to dunk it in paint thinner or even where to start to take apart the gun.

I'd really like to get it down to the base plastic so I can do a proper paintjob so any help is appreciated. I'm also planning to sand it with something like 120 grit sandpaper just to rough up the surface but does anyone have any comments on what I'm doing?

Painting should be easy and heck if I run into trouble ASC search function is right there but stripping paint off a gun to repaint is isn't a topic that's been covered I don't think.
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