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Originally Posted by xopher View Post
in terms of "reliable guts" which brand would be the ideal one? I would like to get my hands on a MP5 SD5 but im not too sure which brand to get
Tokyo Marui makes an excellent MP5, regardless of how it looks on the outside, they all function the same way on the inside. Ive spoken with people who have run heavy seasons with stock out of the box non upgraded MP5s for 3-4 seasons with no issues.

Before anything else I would like to recommend that maybe you take sometime off from asking all these questions and maybe take a little time in attempting to research on your own. This website is an amazing wealth of information and essentially every question you have asked today has been asked and answered dozens of times before.

Airsoft is not something you dive into overnight, due to the nature of the hobby and the costs that are involved it would be a prudent course of action for anyone at the entry level to take a little time and do some of their own research and gain some understanding before diving in. The internet holds thousands of reviews of guns of all makes and brands, which of those reviews are worth looking at will be up to you.

Instead of asking "what gun I should get?" or "what brand is the best or most reliable" or "who has the best internals" find those reviews I talked about and make your own opinions, and then if you feel you need a little reinforcement then feel free to ask.

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