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Originally Posted by xopher View Post
in terms of "reliable guts" which brand would be the ideal one? I would like to get my hands on a MP5 SD5 but im not too sure which brand to get
The manufacturers with the most reliable internals would be Tokyo Marui by a large margin. A stock TM will last literally for decades. There are still stock TM Famas's around that were made in 1992 and they still fire great. The downside with TM guns is their muzzle velocity is alittle anemic at 280-300fps and their externals are almost all abs plastic.

If you want a gun that's got solid full metal externals and good interals right out of the box then you can't go wrong with Classic Army.

G&P's externals are on par wtih, if not better then, Classic Army but their internals are alittle more hit or miss.

Of course there's no way you'll get a CA or G&P gun for $400 and you'd be very lucky to get a TM for that price.
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