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You should really start off with an Assault rifle, then work your way up to a DMR and finally into a sniper position. This really helps as it's more of a transition rather than "here's a sniper rifle now sink or swim". Plus there's no point in getting a sniper rifle and leaving airsoft totally because you had a bad experience with sniping which is what most "1337 sn1pahz" end up doing. At least with an assault rifle the majority of the population enjoys close up action and the excitement of being in a fire fight.

I myself know that I'm more of a run and gun assault kind of guy who likes action and the closest I'll ever be to becoming a sniper is probably a DMR or Counter-Sniper. Sniping is not for everybody, it's not like the movies at all it's really a lot of surveillance, concealment, and patience, they're not going to present themselves to you all wrapped up in a nice package, they're going to be looking out for snipers and bugging out if they see you.

Also I believe you must take a "Basic training" course before you can take the sniper course. Op-For is running a basic training course soon (if it hasn't already passed).

Best of luck though if do decide to become a sniper and go through all that training.

EDIT: Also stock class (pump action) paintball experience seems like it would help since the concept is pretty much the same.
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