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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Where in Van are you? I mean there's Gorilla Surplus on Broadway. There's also Daves Surplus (New West).

So you shouldn't have a problem finding anything you want.... Let me guess you went to 3 Vets or something right? They have some decent stuff but most of it's for camping, getting your girlfriend a pink camo bikini, work related gear (CSA boots) and such.

Also ACU is more like "I-See-You". Olive goes well with woodland as does black. Coyote Brown or Khaki might do the trick however.
Camouflage on Granville, descent prices.

gorilla tends to overprice and there vests are pretty good! but same deal, only OD in colour

and does not give me much so I plan on going in person sooner or later
Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
People will run and attend games that suit their taste. People will make investment in airsoft in a similar manner.
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