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If you're going to get a SiG552, do yourself a favour and get the ICS version if you can. It already comes with a full metal body and fully coloured, so you're not dishing out all of or a good portion of your paycheque for a metal body on a clearsoft. The CyberGun clearsoft (readily available at any retailer for the most part) is a good entry level gun in terms of performance, but the actual durability of it is less than satisfactory in my books. Yes, the plastic body is kind of flimsy. You have to be a little cautious with it. The CyberGun552 is not the kind of gun you can drop from 8 feet high and expect it to come out sparkly. My CyberGun SiG552 functioned quite well with all stock parts in it. I'm only now just recently upgrading the internals to get it set as a high-torque build.

Later today/early tomorrow I'll write a huge review on the CyberGun SiG552 including all the positive and negatives on the gun, and just general pros and cons of owning any SiG552. I'd do a review on the ICS SiG552, but I don't own one, and since the CyberGun SiG552 is easily obtainable as an entry level gun, I think it'd help with a lot of starter players.

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