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Originally Posted by tattoodan View Post
And all the hippy shit petitions, spokepersons and such ain't worth crap, on that I agree with you.
Yeah sorry I thought that you were alluding to that happening. It's easier to make a "feel good" petition that fails horribly and goes into the black hole of red tape and gets thrown into the trash bin than actually "acting" and doing something, you need a lot of work to start a lobby or association and that's the key. I would happily join an association that lobbied for airsoft players interests but at the same time I would not want it to turn into some crappily run association like most do with no clear path to the goal in mind other than "our goal is this" not "how do we get to our goal".

EDIT: How about we call a truce and leave the arguing. I think we're arguing two sides of the same coin as the saying goes.
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