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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
I'm not trying to say don't do it (nor was I trying to flame people coming up with that idea). Good on you if you actually go through with it but you should heed the advice given by "senior" members of the community (that's not me since I'm still pretty young).

I shouldn't have to explain myself but for me there is a reason why I'm content with the situation in Canada right now. You should educate yourself on others before you who have made petitions, tried to form a lobby group, tried to get the media on "our side" etc.
What I was saying wasn't a futur project of mine or anything like that. I was just stating that everywhere else in the world have done something about it but here there's nothing like a federal association. You might be content with how it is now, but like the original subject of this thread is pointing out, the situation we're used to is degrading nowadays and the futur is starting to look grim in Quebec, the province wich has been hit the hardest by the soccer moms...

For exemple, there's a law in Ireland (I think it's Ireland) that just passed that makes them worst off than we are here at the moment and might end up meaning a total ban of airsoft. Now instead of the players just bitching about it and die off, they already have a country-wide association with lawyers that will make an appeal to the goverment on their behalf. I might not work out in the end, but at least it something.

Btw my join date might be recent, but my friends are the "senior" members of the community in Quebec, playing airsoft from way back when in was created, and we often have these discussions. The only reason there's nothing like that in Canada today is that nobody wants to stick their neck out and do it... so far...

And all the hippy shit petitions, spokepersons and such ain't worth crap, on that I agree with you.

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