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You don't need to be an experienced shooter, or even have shot anything at all (even if you've never shot a water gun although if you haven't I feel sorry for you missing out on that childhood experience).

All you need to bring is an attitude of wanting to learn.

You might want to hop over to your local army surplus store and pick up some gear. You don't have to but you'll fit in more even with a minimal amount of gear. Olive Drab combats and some good hiking boots are the bare minimum pretty much anything else you can rent/borrow. You can rent paintball goggles from most fields for like $5 but if you think you'll stick around then go to Canadian Tire and pick up a pair of cheap $35 JT's or something (7 times and it's already paid for itself and you don't need to use rental ones).

You don't need to learn any battle tactics or any leet skeet tacticool rolls or anything. Although, there are different game dynamics from "speedball" games to full out milsim games with radios, objectives, maps and such you can probably start out with regular skirmishes and work your way from there. Just show up and play kind of deal (same as paintball, just show up, pick up a rental, buy some paintballs, play for a day, and go home).

EDIT: As has been said there are clubs, teams, and "societies". Each are different in their own way. Some are groups of guys who want to have fun on a Friday night or are Weekend Warriors, others have membership dues, presidents, secretaries, treasurers, vote on buying "club equipment" (BBQ's, rental guns for new players, group orders etc.) and such.
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