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Originally Posted by yuhaoyang View Post
Really though, there are lots of stickies about new people going "I'm 1337 and going to go play with friends in a public location, screw you all".
Good lucky mate, finding a game for minors and all; not sure many people would take you in after this.

Are you compleatly stunned? i said i have a forest that i can play in. their is no actuall airsoft places near my house and who would i play with anyway? the only people i can play with are my friends that have never played airsoft, thats why i want to get a good gun, cause my friends wont play cause all we have available to us are the clearsoft guns from canadian tire that look like kids waterguns. If i show him they dont look like kids toys he might play. Ive never played airsoft eather but it looks like fun.. I read somewhere on the forums by some moderator or somethin like that that "clearsoft did not have a place in airsoft canada and is not the future of airsoft." lol, if thats true then I should be able to get a good gun (not clearsoft). L473ncy is the only one not being a dick and actually explaing crap.
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