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Forbes just to reiterate some key points.

-this sport is far from cheap (well really i suppose it depends on what you view as expensive) you can cheap out now and face possible problems with said gear (this applies to everything from guns to gloves) which could end up costing you more money or with some patience you can save up and get something of quality (again this applies to all pieces of kit) while you only really need a gun a few mags and some goggles getting some more proper kit might make your experience a bit more comfy

in other words i recommend waiting a little bit and build up your funds

-While this community doesent condone minors owning airsoft guns this community doesent throw every youngin to the wolfs i can think of about 6 active members who started out underage and have never been pushed away because they did things right i personally came to this community when i was 17 i asked a lot of stupid questions and took my licks and at the risk of tooting my own horn i would like to think i have since improved to become a rather decent member in the end your attitude is more important than your age

-playing in a backyard or public forest is a bad idea first off lots of people hike, backpack, walk in the woods etc if you were to hit somebody and do some serious harm (eye damage or something) your gonna be in a world of hurt

and not to mention houses in the area someone might see you playing and think said toys are real and a visit by the local police is not fun its better to try and find an organized game that will let you attend (maybe not right away in your case but see tip number 1)

-a PAL/RPAL doesent make you an exception to anything this was touched on just yesterday with a user who believed he was exception to the rules because he was 16 and a reservist in the CF (apparantly). but the fact stands at 18 you are legally responsible for your actions that is the big reason

-develop a strong chin around here some people can be a touch harsh in their wording here but in the newb tank your relatively safe some peoples posts may come across as flaming but i wouldent worry too much about it if people are genuinely flaming you the mods who monitor this section will take notice to it most ricky tick

i hope the advice i provided is accurate (if i made any foul ups could someone point them out please?) and hope it helped in some capacity

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