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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
Get a job, move out of your house, support yourself...send a card at the holidays. Send them extra money...drop by to clean the gutters and cut the lawn (and then leave).

You'll find your parents (especially your mom) will mellow out a lot after that.

The issue is're cramping their lifestyle and they want you gone. Your mom didn't decide to spend the rest of her life with two guys...she picked your dad. You're the +1 in that house.

They've put up with your presence for 18yrs...that's enough for anyone.

They even started a new life in another country to give you a better chance to move out...and you're still there. Take the hint.
Move the fuck out, when I was 18 I was in Europe working under a 3 Michelin star Chef earning my keep Your parents can't say shit once you move out. Like Tys said once in a while mow their lawn or give them a nice envelope filled with cash (this usually help shutting up Asian parents) if you think threatening to throw your stuff is hard you should see my ol man when I told him I'm going to Europe to be a Chef instead of UofT Law.
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