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That's actually the same with pretty much every single parent.

I'm sure my parents think I'm retarded or something. I swear they treat me like one. I passed high school with honours and got into university (with a scholarship), lived on my own for 8 months and still they treat me like a kid who doesn't know anything about the world. They never listen to my advice.

You think you've had it bad? Once my parents make up their mind that's final period. Even my grand mom is like that. Once she gets an idea it has to be done and has to be done now, even if I'm working on something else (eg. painting the house or fixing the fence) she gets me to do pointless things around her house in the middle of me doing it so I have to put all my shit down and do some pointless task for like 10 minutes and start to do whatever I was doing before which pretty much wastes like 10 minutes of time I could have been doing something plus the time it takes me to get setup again.
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