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Originally Posted by haakon45
Mmmm I dont really enjoy the sniper. so many people especially the younger ones seem lured to this mythic view as the sniper in a god position to quietly remove their enemy with rutheless effeciency. although being a sniper is useless unless you KNOW how to be a sniper. from video games to paintball to airsoft lots of people want the sniper position but get maybe 2 kills after setting up for 20 min then their spotted, zero'd and taken out.

Unless you have a background with long range shooting and concealment tactics the sniper isnt for you when you could be much more effective with an assault rifle. sniping is for snipers, that why their position is so attractive. they have a nack for it and have the necessary training or skills. I've taken out hundreds of wanna-be snipers hiding behind logs with my sidearm. they cant make the far range shot so they move up closer to the battle or their impatient and move closer for more kill opportunity's. then they get shot and wasted most of the game loooking for a hiding spot they abandoned for more kills and in turn get shot... see the vicious circle?

sniping is like being an actor, tonnes of people do it but only a few make it, and their presence then inspires more failure from the bottom barrel.

I dunno its not too often that I come by a successful sniper. to me it isnt worth it dropping the cash for the gun and the gear for such a narrow niche that most really, REALLY suck at.
Thats why I don't claim to be one, just a sharp shooter. I carry a small AEG (P90) for most applications and the sniper for anything outside of that range. Move in fast take the shot that the others can't reach, and get out move to the next FFP. Lightweight setup, no vest, no gillie. Scabbard with mags and a handgun for back-up.

Originally Posted by Amos
You don't know how rewarding it is sitting completely still for 20 minutes waiting for the enemy to get bored and move out of their position... then finally getting that kill and them going "AWW I DIDNT KNOW THERE WAS SOME ONE THERE"
Espically when they're looking right at you the whole time.
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