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Originally Posted by Jburough View Post
*says w/ tears in eye*
you Sir, are my Idol!

is the VSR more expensive stock, than the well 96?
and if you don't mind - I am 20 but I am not age verified so I will understand if you say no - what type of hop-up do you need, like, is it a two stage hop-up? or is it a regular hop up, just primo quality? I don't want to know where to buy - I would like to gain respect and not ask where to buy until I am AV'd - but, what's the deal w/ that

thanks - Jburough
When making a sniper... You MUST buy parent brand.. none of the clone bullshit, (Tokyo Marui, Tanaka, Maruzen, Marushin, Classic Army)

The hop on TM VSR's uses the same rubber as their pistols... It's a really good system, I haven't changed out the stock hop-up unit on my VSR, just the rubber and barrel.

Originally Posted by damage View Post
Amos. Whats the specs on you VSR? I might have the same set up as yours.
V-trigger, Palsonite VC set, 554 6.05 barrel (soon to be stock Pro-sniper length), Receiver, Rifle "Scorp" rail (lol), Bull barrel base, Fluted bull barrel Pro-sniper length, Bull Barrel silencer adapter, Firefly Hard, 200%, 230% and 280% spring (depending on game limits / barrel set-up)... aaaand an insane amount of cleaning and maintenance after each game lol
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