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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
yep and it adds up, I think Amos paid like 3500 to make his VSR10 top notch
My ears are burning.... (+ I get to show off lol... It's my only gun.. so I don't get much of a chance!)

Originally Posted by Jburough View Post
HAHA, definatly, I hear that. that being said, could you not upgrade your AEG to shoot as far as a top-notch sniper at only say 380-400 ft/s concidering you had primo hop-up and such?
Yup you can. There's some primo-upgraded AEG's that come close to the same range as my VSR... Only difference is my VSR is whisper quiet.. so I can take out 3-4 guys before they have any idea where I am.
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