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Originally Posted by Jburough View Post
slight off topic question - in the case of a stock sniper rifle NOT out-ranging an AEG
if you look at say a 96 that fires 450 ft/s - even tho it fires that fast, will it still not out-range an AEG?

and as far as upgrading a sniper TO out-range an AEG, is it as simple as a new spring?

P.S. not looking to buy or to ask where to buy upgrades, just curious, I know all the reasons why I should start w/ an AEG, which is what I am going to do, but yeah, just wondering
It's not a question about how far can you spit out the bb(max range). It's about how far you can spit it out and actually hit something (effective range). With a stock BA if you miss your target at say 150 feet you'd get a reply via air mail of 20-30 bb's from a stock aeg. Pretty much a guaranteed hit.
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