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Originally Posted by FRIZZBI View Post
Why do people constantly feel the need to totally disregard your question just because you are a minor? It is a question. Why not be answered? Why do people give an answer to not ask this question when they haven't even understood the question, they just understand that you are a minor, and should not be treated equal to the other members? I ask this due to me asking a simple question "Which AEG is better G&G or ICS?" The first response was do not ask this question you are a minor. And followed with it is illegal for you to own this. He did not even asked when I will be getting the AEG, I could have simply been asking for future reference.

This is a rhetorical question and I simply want you to read this and think about it. I say this because it happens too often. If a person is over 18 what makes there question any more important than a person who is under 18? The person who is under 18 is just trying to get information about the sport, if you tell them to get lost, or not to ask a question, they will lose interest in this dying sport. You want people to be interested in the sport, not turned away from it because you people want act all high an mighty.

You've been here since 2007... you really should know better by now.
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