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Originally Posted by KiloSixNiner View Post
Ok, to redirect this back where I wanted, lets foget the whole clear reciever thing for now, I will be looking into the possibility of full metal in the fututre.
The ICS isn't 100% TM compatable, so perhaps the g&g m4 would be better? I am looking into slowly upgrading whichever I buy so I'm just making sure it will be fairly easy.

And yes, getting the eff outta here is high upon my list, but finding a 4 bedroom house for a decent deal isn't easy some days.
G&G would never better than ICS except the halfbreed version which they have the version with upper metal body.

Talking about fairly easy upgrade, I would say ICS due to their split mechbox.
You don't need to take your gun apart to upgrade the piston, piston head, spring, cylinder, Tappet plate, nozzle because all those easy broken part are on the upper mechbox, just one pin out and split your gun in half then you can access those parts quite easily.

For the regular V2 mecbox, In addition to upgrade those. You will need to unscrew the piston the grip, take out at least 6 screw then need to take out a central pin, turn your gun to semi then take your mechbox out. After that need to take at least 6 screws, be careful to take them apart, not to let the gears fly away, etc...

You don't need to do those thing on ICS, just one pin out and 6 screws then you're done.

Now it's all up to you to decide. Hope you won't regret it later. I broke 3 kind of mechbox from V2, V3, V6, and ICS L85A2 V2 custom but not the ICS M4 V2 mechbox yet because due to their mechbox.
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