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Originally Posted by Disco_Dante View Post
Internally they're good, but the transparent plastic body is made of dogshit. Taking it out of the box will probably damage it. Get age verified and get the JG version if you don't want to have to baby it, or replace the transparent body as soon as you can.

This is essentially the exact same rifle I have. If it's the exact rifle, it's a CyberGun SiG 552. The internals, as said, are quite good, although the rubber sleeve is a piece of shit. Flimsy like tissue paper. Replace it. The pistol grip (at least on mine) has a shitty motor adjustment... device thing or whatever. Purchase a TM pistol grip from across seas if you have to, they aren't illegal to import. The Hi-cap mag it comes with is a piece of shit. For some stupid reason that I don't feel like wasting my time with to solve, the mag unwinds occasionally, leaving you firing blanks in the middle of a firefight. Invest in some 100rd MAG Brand SiG Series Mags if you're on a budget, or get a couple TM 43rd Fake-Round SiG Series mags if you can pitch the extra cash for the realism (Note these are illegal to import across seas, but they aren't impossible to find).

For the love of christ if you're looking for affordability, I wouldn't label the SiG552 as it. The metal body upgrade doesn't come cheap. Probably one of the more expensive ones out there, and there aren't any cheap knock-offs by other companies (yet). The plastic body, as said, is a piece of shit. The first thing that chipped on mine was the rear-part just behind one of the screws. Oh, and hop-up can be stiff. Should be able to fix that just with some lube. Do not get the G3 metal hop-up. Yes, it does fit in a SiG552 with slight modification, but the damn thing has no spot for the plate in the magwell to attach to, and it double feeds all the damn time, also jams too easily with the hop-up increased. Speaking of lube, if you get the 100rd MAG brand magazines, make sure you buy some 100% pure silicone oil to lube the spring with, otherwise they won't feed, or they'll feed for shit (Like 5 shots, if that). Can't speak for the TM 43rd fake round mags. I don't know if they need lubing or not.

The stock barrel is poo as well. If I tried hard enough, I could bite through it. The sling that comes with it in the box = poop. Nearly lost my SiG552 in a river because of it. Go to a computer store and buy a laptop strap if you can. Those things are indestructible at the hooks. If you can't get just the strap, get a laptop case. Before I got an ammo box to carry my mags and BBs around in, the laptop bag carried it all, along with other shit. That or like.. get a real sling. I like my laptop sling though.

The rear iron sight also craps out on the height adjustment. Made of cheap plastic compound. I broke it the day after I got it just doing some minor height adjustments and line-ups with the front iron sights. Maybe I just got a crappy one, but fair warning I guess.

Battery is also poop. Tell your friend to get an Intellect 8.4v 1600mAh mini battery. It's a very snug fit, but it's more reliable, not to mention has more mAh then the stock one. Stock battery is also Ni-Cad. Intellect one is NiMH.

Internals function well, but should be replaced when you can afford it. Shims are all plastic. Nozzle, cylinder head, and piston head are also all plastic. Cylinder itself is so overgreased I don't want to use a dirty sock to clean it. The piston isn't too bad, but it may be a good idea to replace it. Gears are decent, no problems with them. Probably only have to replace them if you need to. Also, the mechbox is apparently a reinforced mechbox (that's good). I'm not 100% sure on that, as I haven't gotten any confirmation on it. Just to piss off your friend though, if it is a CyberGun, the tin part that holds the mechbox closed on the top of the mechbox is glued to the mechbox. Had to dig it off with a flathead screwdriver and a lot of patience backed with rage.

I know most of that makes the gun seem like a piece of shit, but honestly, out of the box, it performs pretty good. The accuracy is kind of crappy, but that's just due to the 247mm barrel. It's an amazing CQB rifle though. I prefer the SiG552 with the stock folded opposed to a P90. The only thing that can also be a pain is acquiring replacement parts. I recently snapped the handguard pin, and that thing is a pain in the ass to replace (Mind you I fell directly on top of my gun in a winter game, expected it to break eventually). The rate of fire is actually quite nice with a fully charged battery. A 100rd mag empties in about 3 or 4 seconds for me, and I have a stock motor. The range is nice, accuracy not so much as mentioned above.

Overall, Stock: 4/5

Makes a good entry level AEG.

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