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Originally Posted by KiloSixNiner View Post
well, there are a few reasons I choose to go with the clear recievers.
1. I live in a high-crime area and I would just rather not have any confusions. Being shot for real sucks, so I hear. Especially over a game.
2. My occupation relies on me having a clean record, a silly firearms charge over an airsoft rifle is not worth it to me.
3. It will be the ONLY plastic piece of the weapon when I am finished with it, so it dosen't matter so much to me as long as I can at least get a tinted one.
Are you a fucking idiot who does stupid shit with imitation firearms? Will you go run around in public with your gun where people can see you? Do you honestly think the normal pinko liberal peace hippy in Canada is going to make a distinction between a full black airsoft gun and an almost full black one? Did you in fact know that there is no legal requirement to have a clear airsoft gun?

If you answered NO to any of those questions, stop being a pussy and get a full black gun.

And to anyone who keeps telling people full black guns are illegal in Canada please STOP. I'm seriously getting tired of repeating that.

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