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What is Right for me

Hey, i'm brand new into Airsoft...I'm an ex-Xball player(Paintball) I have played a few airsoft games at my local field with some friends who just play for fun, but i really seemed to get into it. I'm really looking for what kind of gun/how much time im looking into commiting to this sport. I have no problem going out and spending money on things to get started but i was reading the newbie forums and i couldnt really figure out what kind/types of guns were right for me. I would assume that i would play some sort of support and/or sharpshooter role. I prefer to stay in the middle to back...i'm standing pretty short at 5'6-5'7 and about 150LBS, so im just looking to what would be right for me? and suggestions? P.s im 19 I'm not a youngster, 16 year old with dreams of owning a GUN! haha. thanks for any imput.
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