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Many players who have played for a year or more will probably tell you that they regret spending money and cheaping out earlier on because they just ended up with junk they should not have bought in the first place and couldn't sell. The money is best saved and put toward something else. At least $300-$400.

I rebuilt a Kraken for some poor sap who shelled out like $200+ for one and it's just a piece of junk. Krakens will shoot decentely, but the plastic reciever is so weak, it cracked and I had to hold the lower and upper reciever together for him with hockey tape. The bolt cover spring was so weak, it doesn't stay closed. The battery that comes with it is the worst, a 1200mah Ni-Cad large battery. The whole thing just feels incredibly cheap but I've known people to paint Krakens and they feel a bit better. I'd replace that clear plastic reciever right away and the clear plastic mag. That material is prone to cracking.
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