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Originally Posted by holycannoli View Post
I'll keep that in mind. Sorry, I do realize I can be sarcastic.

I've done alot of research, especially here. The laws about owning and importing are well documented, but I couldn't find a single place to buy a full metal gun which abided by those laws. This is the first time I've been able to find one.

And hold on a second...007airsoft is situated in Canada. It's legal to own the guns if they import them, so why do you suppose they won't sell them? Maybe I should send them an e-mail tomorrow...

And yea...hoppers are annoying. I've been thinking of selling my X7 for a rap4 just for that reason, a friend has one, it's a tank. .68 calibre paitnballs, same as a regular gun, but no visible tank and no hopper. Only thing that's stopping me is the horror stories about rap's customer service.

You actually haven't done enough research. 007 is located in Canada but they are stop selling black gun since last year due the risk of import replica gun selling to public also there is an example of retailer went to court because of that.

You don't need to e-mail them, they won't have it in stock and selling to you,.
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