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I'll keep that in mind. Sorry, I do realize I can be sarcastic.

I've done alot of research, especially here. The laws about owning and importing are well documented, but I couldn't find a single place to buy a full metal gun which abided by those laws. This is the first time I've been able to find one.

And hold on a second...007airsoft is situated in Canada. It's legal to own the guns if they import them, so why do you suppose they won't sell them? Maybe I should send them an e-mail tomorrow...

And yea...hoppers are annoying. I've been thinking of selling my X7 for a rap4 just for that reason, a friend has one, it's a tank. .68 calibre paitnballs, same as a regular gun, but no visible tank and no hopper. Only thing that's stopping me is the horror stories about rap's customer service.
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