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my attitude was only in reaction to your posts, not the other way around, sorry about confusing you with speedball, which is truly gay, but next time you'll make more friends on an airsoft forum by keeping those comments to yourself

as far as research, it's been well established that full black guns are legal to own but illegal to import, the whole "not for civilians" thing is BS so don't worry about that, and really if you are responsible enough to own an airsoft gun, then it's really in your best interest to get AV'd the prices are way better in the classifieds and the guns are nice and BLACK or Metal so it's up to you

as a matter of fact, I JUST this weekend bought a TM Hi-capa, I won't discuss price outside of the AV area but trust me it was a way better deal than anything on that site, and it came with a Metal slide too
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