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Originally Posted by Frozen Tex View Post
"2011" is the name STI uses for their double-stack 1911s...

Like that one.

Not all double-stack 1911s have 2 piece frames...

Like Para-Ordnance, who made the first ones.

"Hi Capa" is a Tokyo Marui name, or just slang for a double-stack.

Single-action (or double-action, with Para-Ordnance's Light Double Action) with a grip safety and thumb safety? It's a 1911.
2011 still works when describing that style. Seeing as STI/SVI have the patent to it...... See, if there were a crapload of Mfgs producing that style of pistol, then, sure, It'd be like your "Kleenex vs Tissue paper" rant. However.... It's not like that.
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