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Originally Posted by holycannoli View Post
I live in the middle of a 200 acre apple orchard. So yes...many people will see me. And, aren't you friendly and welcoming. I forgot why I stopped posting here, but now I remember. Figured I'd just post something useful for those of us who don't want to get age verified, but I guess not wanting to makes me a lazy slob, doesn't it?
The thing is, Airsoft is kinda in a grey area legally here. Therefore, unless you prove that you are over 18 (get AV'ed) we have to assume that your not. Its not that were dicks, its just that if we tell everyone whos "18, but just too lazy to get AV'ed" where to get guns, and it turns out that they are actually all 14, then they all wave the guns around on the street, and get shot by the cops who think that they are real guns, we pay for it. If something like that were to happen, airsoft would most-likely be banned in Canada.

Its not that we are flaming you for fun, or being dicks becuase were bored. Its that idiot kids have, and will continue to do retarted things, and theres a chance that we ALL will have to pay for it.
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