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Originally Posted by holycannoli View Post
I live in the middle of a 200 acre apple orchard. So yes...many people will see me. And, aren't you friendly and welcoming. I forgot why I stopped posting here, but now I remember.

This community uses the AV rule for a reason, so posting that this is "an alternative to age verification" is contradictory to that position and you "discovery" is nothing new, a simple research on your part would have revealed that to you.

Your comments about airsoft not being a serious sport also bothers me, why should I be welcoming to someone who thinks what I enjoy doing in my spare time and the reason for this very website is not serious enough for you? sorry but not everyone likes wearing puke green motocross jerseys and running around with a kidney on their gun walking their fingers on their triggers...

this is turning into a nice discussion about 1911's and 2011's so this thread has been useful afterall, thank you for posting, maybe you should post more often
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