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Originally Posted by Frozen Tex View Post
2011 is a made-up name for a gun (or line of guns) made by STI; essentially a squared-off. chunky, futuristic looking double-stack 1911. As far as I've seen, no other "real-steel" manufacturer refers to their double-stack 1911 products as 2011s. Try Googling "2011 guns" and the first page will only reference STI or airsoft guns.

Sorry, it just bugs me, all the talk of "Hicapas" and "2011"s. These are model names for a few specific items that seem to have become catch-all terms, like Kleenex instead of facial tissue, or ***** instead of photocopier.

Mini-rant over.
Well, what would you prefer to call it? I'd rather call it a "2011" than a "hi-capa" -which is a fugly name to begin with.

Also, there's only one Mfg. that makes "2011s", and it's STI/SVI. The others (BUL, ParaOrd, Norinco, Wilson Combat, Kimber, etc) just use chunky ParaOrd style single piece frames.. So they can't necessarily be called 2011s.
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