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Originally Posted by holycannoli View Post
And what's all this 2011 BS...let's just go with "1911 style gun." It's generic, like "ketchup-like spread" and "frozen treat."
*the following is personal opinion and i look forward to feed back from people educated on this topic and Kos forgive any terminology fuckups im very tired*

they are different enough to warrant it

a Model 1911 is a single stack single action semiautomatic pistol

these "2011" models if one chooses to call them that are double stack single action semiautomatic pistols and dissasemble in three pieces as opposed to two on a 1911

now if one were for example a 1911 purist than to them a 1911 sticks to the formula of being a single stack single action and to some being chambered in .45 ACP

so as far as im concerned they essentially can be classified as their own firearm

there is a very good video on this subject on youtube by a user named limalife i will may post it later
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