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Is the CBSA stopping everything now?

I recently ordered some parts from Ebaybanned and can now see on the Canadapost website that it's been stopped and most likely seized by the CBSA.

I ordered an AK74 RIS, AK74U flash hider, M4 sniper stock and M4 foldable rear sight.

It was previously my understanding that these would be perfectly safe to import because they're not firearms as they are accessories to airsoft guns that can't be used on real firearms in any way. However, I recently read on the FAQ about importing that they can count as prohibited devices because they are used on "replica firearms".

I'm pretty sure I'm boned, but I was wondering if anybody's had this happen before and if there's a way to file an appeal, if that's what it comes down to, that will give me a better chance of getting my stuff back.

Also, I've ordered such things in the past from abroad and had no problems when the CBSA opened up my box. Is this a new development or protocol on their part to stop EVERYTHING?!
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