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Full Metal Guns in Canada

I don't know if somethign regarding this has been posted yet or not, but I just discovered it. A while back I posted asking about getting a full metal gun in Canada and was basically told that it was (for the most part) illegal. Bear with me if this is old hat to you guys, just thought I'd psot it anyways.

EDIT: A good alternative to getting age verified.

I was bored and was looking through airsoft websites, though, and was surprised to see the words "Canadian Legal" on the same page as the words "Full Metal Gas Guns." has started selling KJW airsoft guns that have clear grips. Some guns have clear handles on the frames also, but the 1911 has only clear grips which can probably be replaced with relative ease. Apparently, only the gribs need to be clear in order to conform to Canadian laws, and they don't need to be perfectly clear either - very dark semi-clear gribs seem to be fine.

So...under KJW on this page...'Canadian Legal.'

I'll be buying a 1911 soon and hopefully replace the clear grips with some pachmayr american legend grips (if it's at all possible).

The only downfall is that the guns are uber expensive. Here's the page with all of the guns available in Canada...1911 (Hi Capa), m9 and m92, a ruger, and some glocks.

And, just to be awesome, here's a sweet picture with little relevance (except for the fact that the gun has clear grips).

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