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Along with what everyone else said, airsoft isn't cheap. With what I have, I've dumped quite a bit already. To help encompass what that is, here's a list:

Woodland BDU. Pants, Top, Hat. About $60
CyberGun SiG552. Roughly $310 (Fuck you Forest City, you sell it for $200 now )
Molle Droplegs x2. $50 incl. shipping.
Molle dual m4 pouches x2 $50 incl. shipping.
Vest that isn't a piece of shit. $90 incl shipping
8 Mags. $175 incl. shipping

The droplegs, pouches, and vest are budget. Not "poor" budget, just I can't afford Pantac gear. They do the job, but they do have some flaws at times.

So far, $735.

247mm and 455mm TBB. $101 incl. shipping
Type 0 cylinder. $23 incl. shipping
Scope & Scope rings. $40
High speed motor (that I don't even use ffs). About $70.
Intellect 8.4v 1600mAh NiHM Battery. Another $50 roughly.
A silencer to cover the longer inner barrel. $50 on the nose.
New CNC Allwin handguards, $68 on the nose.
Metal Hop-up that I don't use because it jams all the time, $48 roughly.
Other miscellaneous shit I don't use, about $60.

None of those parts are high-end stuff. It's all fieldable, or just above fieldable.

Sitting at $1,245, give or take a few bucks since some of those numbers are just kind of rattled off with approximate shipping applied. I'm still looking at roughly another $200 or more for a SiG 552 metal body, and probably another $150 for "fieldable" (Because I know Amos will comment on it about his prometheus buggery ) mechbox rebuild with all Modify parts. So after it's all said and done, lets just call it $1,600, and I don't even have a side-arm yet. Definitely not a cheap sport, especially if you're an idiot about it. I was an idiot. Bought a SiG 552 without researching it, and now I pay buckets of money to do upgrades that for more common guns costs about 2/3 or even 1/2 the price.

If you want something that is fieldable, but not a piece of poop, I'd suggest the M4 line that G&G has. You're looking at about $400 for one, but they perform quite well right out of the box. A lot of people recommend Aftermath Krakens. I know a couple people who run a Kraken, with only minor upgrades, and they are field-worthy as a result. Krakens are only about $170-$200 depending on shipping. I'd give you a link to a retailer, but you're not age verified. Kraken's are for the budget man. You will be outperformed by some more top-end equipment, but you'll still be able to perform, and depending how skilled you are in the field, you might be able to outperform someone and their $1,500 gun.

My only advice, don't get a SiG552 unless you're a sadomasochist, rich, or stupid.

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