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905 for low money don't ask for advice on this board. All you will get is ridiculed. You should be able to pick up a kraken, like you said for $120 - $150 bucks. If you are looking for an ok, but not metal side arm you could look at something like a cf11 - co2 pistol for about $60 or some similar co2 based pistol in the $60 -$120 dollar range.

Now how satisfied you will be depends on how you want to look, and how you want to play. These may start you off ok in the sport, but you will quickly decide, if you play quite a bit, that you want something better.

At that point you may look back on what you spent and go "Dam why did I do that, I should have waited" or you may play happily for several years.

Now I expect to get majourly flamed by all the PURISTS on the board who will advise you that if your not spending at least $1000 on your stuff you should be looking for a different sport or those that tell you no advise till you are 18 and age verified.

One more thing you may get more and better advise using Google than asking here!
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