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Mostly cause they increase your e-peen and Bad Ass factor by over 9000....

Really though I don't know anyone who uses a shotgun outside of CQB/indoor games. They don't really have too many advantages over AEG's since the range is about the same if not slightly less and you have to pump to chamber BB's instead of having a motor do all the work for you.

Essentially you can think of shotguns like airsoft BA (Bolt Action) sniper rifles they're really not all that different, you need to cock both of them to chamber a round and the range is about the same.

Some may like shotguns just because it's almost the same thing as being a sniper (or like a pump action player in paintball), some may just plink targets with it, etc.

Sorry if that was really long winded but you shouldn't worry about shotguns, sniper rifles, or pistols until you get some game experience and start to figure out your personal style of play that you like.

PS: You should probably have just kept your new questions in one thread and entitled it something like "newbie questions".

EDIT: If you really want to be badass and get a shotgun the Crosman 3 shot shotgun (all clear) is actually a TM clone and actually pretty decent. If you hop over to Canadian Tire right now I think they have them on sale for like $70. DON'T however get the crappier $40 crosman 1 shot shotgun.
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