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Originally Posted by blackcaddi View Post
I find the classified has a lot of overpiced guns because people modify their toys and want their money back. For beginners, I would rather get one from an online store such as the ones mentioned above. Then you can do your own modifications as you learn along the way.
You only think a lot of the stuff is overpriced because you don't know what you're looking at. There are a ton of good deals in the classifieds. What there isn't is a ton of cheap deals in the classifieds. You only find higher end stuff in there because cheap shit doesn't hold it's value well.

That's one point I keep trying to stress to n00bs that they just don't seem to get. A Classic Army (or other high end brand) gun will hold its value WAY better than something like an aftermath or JG. They also generally last longer, and are far easier to upgrade because they have proper tolerances. That's why (for the most part) you only see more expensive stuff in there. Yea, some people post high.. but if you don't like the price of something, don't buy it. There's still a ton of good deals. And the best part? 90% of them aren't those retardedly overpriced G&G halfbreeds.

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