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YT385 Airsoft Colt 1911 Replica

Hey I just bought this gun, I know its very cheap and you get what you pay for but it stopped firing after one day of use. The cause, BB's wont pass through what seems to bee its hop up? its hopup says its ajustable but is just a ruber thing that goes over the barrel. Anyways, I was just wondering if anyone knew how to fix this because theres no way even for how cheap it was it should stop working just after a day. I cant send it back as I ordered it from the US, and luckily it cleared customs Anyways if anyone knows what the problem is or possibilities on how to fix I'd be greatful. PS to get the bb out i just cock it to reveal the chamber and push it through with a Q-tip lmao. Its nothing wrong with the firing mech or the spring because if i drop it down the end of the barrel it shoots out, it just wont clear the chamber So if anyones ever owned this cheap toy and had some troubles and fixed it I'm all ears
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