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Hmm.... I really don't know about the ICS since you'll need to get a new lower if you want it to be metal and those go for about $150 for a cheap metal one more like $200-250 for a good quality metal lower. Plus not only that it has a split mechbox design which means that it's not a "TM compatible" (kind of a "standard" used around the world as to aftermarket parts and such) gun in certain regards to internal parts.

The CA is probably the better buy but you're kidding yourself if you are thinking after currency conversion, taxes, and duties plus a little cut for the retailer it will be about $400. They go for around the $475-525 mark in the classifieds for a NIB gun. Best bet like you said is a used gun that someone has already done the upgrading for you.

PS: If you're a "stock class" (pump action) baller PM me.
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