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Originally Posted by turok_t View Post
G&G GR16 R4 commando:

Looks good, but too much plastic for the cost.

Originally Posted by bagheera View Post
I have the KWA S-System and love it
Ill check this one out!

Originally Posted by SNK View Post
It's easy to build you own gun. The battery and stock issues are almost nothing since stocks are plentiful, cheap, available, and legal. You can make any M4 have a battery in the buffer tube or stock.
I've been thinking the last few days of just doing this. Like, buying a base M4, then changing it to fit my needs. Adding my own comp/rail system with grip, holo sight, etc.

Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
He said he wants full metal... none of those are full metal.

If you want a full metal gun, forget G&G completely and go for something Classic Army or higher, like G&P.
Yep, full metal body is a must for me. The only plastic I don't really care about is the grip/stock.

So far, CA is top on my list right now. I'm going to check out G&P too.

Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
If what you want is the rifle pictured in your last it or have someone build it for you.

By the time you get a full metal M4 and convert that to what's in the're basically tossing 60-70% of the rifle.

I see your point and have come to the conclusion that, buying a stock/base M4, then changing to fit my needs would be the best route.

I'm thinking of picking THIS or THIS as my palette, and going from there.

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