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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
One more thing... Please don't shoot it in the backyard. At least do it in a garage or basement. That is unless you live in the sticks.

Also my $400 estimate was actually for a good high quality plastic bodied gun (TM for example), it will be at least $450+ for a decent used metal bodied gun.
It'll be in a safe place, for sure. No worries about that. I've handled real fire arms before amongst other things. So no worries about that.

I'm definitely going to spend the extra and get a metal-bodied M4.

Originally Posted by turok_t View Post
M4-Tactical, I was, and still am, in the same boat in terms of the requirements you want for your gun. I want one that is exactly the same as the one you want. First off, I planned to get a TM SOPMOD but the price range is way out there and i heard its not even that good. I then saw the ICS and G&G M4 RIS/CQB at a local store, but hated the tinted black lower receiver, and the guns were nothing special. After a few months of research, I narrowed it down to G&P and Classic Army. New G&P guns were hard for me to find so I opted for a Classic Army M15A4 CQB for $585 brand new. Ive bought a bunch of accessories already to make a SOPMOD- larue tactical mounts, ACOG, aimpoints, rear sights. All my accessories cost me close to $600 since they are from an expensive brand, but the quality and durability definetely pays off. I pretty much used this link as a guideline for the accessories I wanted:

Even though mine is a CQB, Im planning to get a full 14.5" barrel with a Prometheus inner barrel for increase accuracy. These parts are coming soon. My battery is stored in the crane stock so its nice and concealed. I used to be less picky about my accessories, but thge more pictures and research I did, the more picky I became--> from buying generic M4 parts to specific, well known branded items that match the M4 SOPMOD
That's wild, I have that poster on my wall, and it's my current desktop wallpaper on my computer.

I'm honestly not a fan of the CQB M4's, I think they look wonky with the shorter barrel.

To be honest, I was tossed between an M4, G36c, and the XM8. The M4 Carbine has been my all-time favorite assault rifle.

I like the G36c, as it is compact, but HATE folding stocks. I love the look of it, however, from what I've read, most shoot at a lot lower FPS compared to other rifles. That being said, I wanted something in the 350+ FPS range that's going to have good range, accuracy, and pack quite a punch (not enough to do serious damage obviously).

The XM8 I liked, because it reminds me of the M4, and after playing Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter on Xbox 360, it got me into the look of it.

Alas, I stuck with my instincts and decided to go with an M4, so here we are.

To be honest, I remember watching Black Hawk Down when it first came out, and one of the Rangers (I think), had a sick looking M4. Kinda reminded me of this one:

Picture that, with a holo-sight, a different fore-grip, and the typical retractable stock, and that's how I want my M4 to look like. Plus, maybedown the line, slap an M203 underneath for good measure

One more thing I prefer is the style of mag in the picture above, the C7-style clips vs. the traditional metal M4/M16 mags.
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