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M4-Tactical, I was, and still am, in the same boat in terms of the requirements you want for your gun. I want one that is exactly the same as the one you want. First off, I planned to get a TM SOPMOD but the price range is way out there and i heard its not even that good. I then saw the ICS and G&G M4 RIS/CQB at a local store, but hated the tinted black lower receiver, and the guns were nothing special. After a few months of research, I narrowed it down to G&P and Classic Army. New G&P guns were hard for me to find so I opted for a Classic Army M15A4 CQB for $585 brand new. Ive bought a bunch of accessories already to make a SOPMOD- larue tactical mounts, ACOG, aimpoints, rear sights. All my accessories cost me close to $600 since they are from an expensive brand, but the quality and durability definetely pays off. I pretty much used this link as a guideline for the accessories I wanted:

Even though mine is a CQB, Im planning to get a full 14.5" barrel with a Prometheus inner barrel for increase accuracy. These parts are coming soon. My battery is stored in the crane stock so its nice and concealed. I used to be less picky about my accessories, but thge more pictures and research I did, the more picky I became--> from buying generic M4 parts to specific, well known branded items that match the M4 SOPMOD

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