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So my Classic Army SA58 cocking lever assembly went for a shit. It is a known issue/design flaw. I was unsure if I could get parts.

So I emailed Classic Army, and they directed me to Spartan Imports. I emailed them, and never got a response. I emailed Airsoft007, and got one response, and he is still looking into the matter. Sadly, he will never actually do anything. But he is the Canadian Rep for Classic Army. I also emailed RedWolfAirsoft, TrinityAirsoft, and approximately 4 other dealers/retailers. They all sent form letters back, not sure what they could do, but promised to look into the matter. I know I will not hear back from any of them.

So I figured why not try this new retailer on ASC. So I have Traded a series of emails with Brad about this topic. He tells me that the parts are available. He will order them. Just to ensure the parts are the correct ones, I ask for a picture. He emails me a picture, and they are the correct parts. So for about 32.00 Canadian, including shipping by POST. I should have my parts by next week.


He is quick, effective, and actually listens to his customers. I am his first customer from ASC, and I think Canada as well. I would recommend his service to anyone.

Oh just an update all the other retailers and ASC retailers are still looking into the matter, and I have not heard from any of them. I guess they really did not need the business.

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