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Originally Posted by BrokenBird View Post
Ics ics-141 (m4 sir)
I'll check it out, thanks!

Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
First off, if you've never played a real game with real airsoft guns (not the shitsoft from Canadian Tire), yes, you are new... and you're in for a real treat .

Second, if you want full metal.. you're looking at a minimum of $500 for the gun alone. That doesn't count the battery ($30-$50), charger ($50+), magazines, and gear. If your "gun budget" is $500, set aside about another $200-$300 for kit.

Third, Classic Army is win. If you're setting your sights there, don't settle for anything lower.
I planned on buying a good battery and charger, regardless of how much I spend on the gun itself. I've been really leaning towards Classic Army's stuff, as it's reasonably priced with most of my "requirements." Also, as long as the upper/lower receivers are metal, the stock/foregrips I don't really care. I'll most likely upgrade this to an RIS if I don't buy an M4 that already has one.

I can only imagine going from CT crap to "real" stuff is like going from a a Chevy to a Ferrari, I'm sure. So I'm pretty stoked about it.

Originally Posted by Skruface View Post
A high-quality all-metal *new* AEG in the M4 style (Classic Army, G&P, new-line Tokyo Marui) will be in the $700+ range....used in the $500 range. A mid-range all-metal one will be $400+ new, and certainly over $300 used. Don't forget, you will need a battery ($50+), a *decent* battery charger ($40 and up), and several additional magazines ($50-$100) to start playing. That's assuming you already have eye protection, and doesn't include the cost of BDU's and load-bearing gear.

If you absolutely don't have to have all metal, the new line of "CanSoft" M4's by G&G are a good buy. They have a dark tinted polycarbonate lower and a metal upper, and are easy to find aftermarket replacement parts for. Expect to pay over $400 for these.

Figure on spending $750+ just to get a decent gun and some basic gear. That's less than a lot of people spend on other hobbies (golf, snowboarding, photography, R/C) so if that seems like too much, perhaps consider another hobby. If you begin playing on orgainized games, you'll be playing alongside people who have thousands (and some, tens of thousands) worth of guns and gear.
Buying used doesn't bug me.. I actually prefer it in some cases, usually you can get a semi-upgraded gun for near the cost of something new that is stock.

I've been a musician all of my life, and have dumped thousands of dollars into gear/recording stuff (This is my profession). So spending lots of money on toys for me isn't an issue. Like I tell my girl, I may be easy, but I'm not cheap

I most definitely plan on getting into some organization once I move to Toronto in September. I miss playing organized games with people, whether it's paintball, or dicking around with friends with CT crap, or playing in a band.

My dad used to be in the military, thus making me an army brat, so BDU's and load-bearing gear I still have from when he gave it to me after he retired. I just gotta dig it out of the attic.

Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
I actually have a different take on this.

You can actually start out with a decent setup for $600. Sure you won't have as much stuff but you can eventually buy more stuff with your paycheques.

Decent AEG $400
AEG package (mags, battery, optics etc.) ~$550-600

Gear $50-1000 (depending on what you want/get)

You can pretty much start out with a gun and some basic *quality* equipment and slowly buy more and more stuff.

I understand you're getting AV'ed so don't think about buying any guns before getting AV'ed, it's like a candy store in there. However you can probably start looking for some gear (I assume you already have a mask so that's $40 less dollars to spend) BDU's, some sort of load bearing equipment if you're planning on running realcap, or lowcap magazines, etc.

I have found however if you don't have certain pieces of equipment you can ask around and borrow other peoples extra gear (eg. if you forgot your mask or barrel condom at home).

Half the fun is tinkering around with your guns so don't be afraid to innovate and try and find a way to do something about your battery problem or storage of something you need.
I still have my old JT mask from when I used to be a 'baller, so face protection is not a concern for me right now, but will be upgraded once I get the "basics" in terms of a gun/mags/etc

I love tinkering with stuff. Ever since being a kid, I used to rip things apart, only to put them back together. I love the mechanics of firearms, taking them apart, cleaning, and putting them back together. I have very high manual dexterity and I'm proud to have this ability.

I plan to buy the gun first, followed by better face protection, followed by extra mags, then some sort of tactical vest to hold mags and other stuff I'd need to play.

I also plan on having all of my necessary gear (gun, mask, BDU/vest) by next summer, which is when I'll actually start playing with an organization. I mean, once I get my M4, I'm of course going to go in the backyard and shoot off rounds, and tweak it to my liking and put a nice sight on it and all of that.

I'm going to do some mods to it, and obviously will be setup similar to a real M4-Tac.

Thanks guys for all of your info, I really appreciate it and you've definitely shed some light on how much this sport really costs. Looking at pricing on the 'Net, compared to what you guys are telling me are like apples to oranges.

Either way, thanks again!

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